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Futons Collection

Even now that beds have become widespread, many people in Japan will like to sleep on a futon because they can not forget the fluffy and comfortable feel of the futon. It is like the inside cotton wrapped around the body, and the feeling will create comfort and relaxation.

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  1. Shiki Futon Mattress - Takaokaya
  2. Shiki Futon Mattress | Futon and Cover Set - Takaokaya
  3. Shiki Futon Mattress Cover - Takaokaya
  4. Kake Futon Comforter - Takaokaya
  5. Kyoto Basic Sleep Set [Shiki Futon Mattress, Cover, and Long Pillow] - Takaokaya
  6. Gorone Nap Futon - Takaokaya,  zabuton, futon, cushion, made in Kyoto
  7. Kake Futon Comforter Cover - Takaokaya
  8. Kake Futon Comforter Set | Comforter and Cover Set - Takaokaya
  9. Shiki Futon Mattress Topper - Takaokaya
  10. The name Gorone is a combination of two Japanese words: goron (ごろ) and ne (寝). Goron means to flop down and to make yourself comfortable, while ne means to sleep. Linen is good for summer and make you feel cool and refreshing.
  11. Gorone Kids Nap Futon - Takaokaya,  zabuton, futon, cushion, made in Kyoto
  12. Gorone Nap Futon | Hikizome - Takaokaya