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At Takaokaya, we are not your usual run-of-the-mill maker of Japanese futons and zabutons. While we remain dedicated on preserving time-honored traditional sewing techniques to handcraft our products, we strive to offer our customers the flexibility of creating a truly unique customized and even personalized product. You can choose your preferred colors, patterns, size, thickness, type of fillings, and more. Add a Hanakomon or even have your name embroidered on, for a personalize touch. Every piece of Kangu will be handcrafted precisely to your preference for the ultimate Kutsurogi experience.

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Let's get started! First, let us know what you would like to customize and personalize in the request form below. Describe in detail what you would like us to make, e.g. size, shape, product, material (fabric and fillings), quantity etc. The more detailed you are, the faster we can start creating a truly unique piece of Kangu for you and/or your loved ones.

* Please note that the acceptance of custom order requests will depend on the complexity and feasibility of making the product design, the availability of materials needed as well as the time it takes to make it.

** We will reply you via email regarding your order requests along with a quotation, and other information. The current estimated time to complate a custom order is 14-21 working days.

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