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Shiki Futon Mattress and Cover Set

  • ¥38,500

why has Futon been loved in Japan ?

About Shiki Futon

why is our shiki futon so special?

  • all made by hand

    All of our products are throughtfully handmade by experienced craftsmen with skills passed down for generations with pride for over 100 years.
  • cutting

    It is all by done by hand with the help of some necessary tools. This process is import because it provides the base which determines the outcome of the products.
  • sewing

    Creating the outer shell of each product is no mean feat. Making sure that each piece is sewn beautifully and at the right angles, making sure that the products are made to the right proportions.
  • Stuffing

    The stuffing stage is one of the most important parts of the production process. It does not only determine the comfort level of the finished products, but it is also what allows the product to keep its integrity even with frequent use.
  • Finishing

    At the end of the production process, striking the cushion is essential. This step is done to make sure that the cotton filling can spread evenly. Middle stitches are applied to the center of the cushions to keep the cotton filling in place.

why is 100% cotton filling considered as good?

About cover


the kyoto basic sleep set !

Shiki Futon + Cover + Long Pillow! Enjoy Takaokaya's Style for Sleeping!

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More About Product

Shiki Futon Mattress
[Sizes (approx.)] Single: 100×210cm / Semi-Double: 120×210cm / Double: 140×210cm
Here is the tips for the size measuring.
[Fabric] 100% Cotton
[Inner Filling] 100% Cotton
[Filling weight] S: 6.3kg / SD: 7.5kg / 8.5kg

Shiki Futon Mattress Cover
Sizes (approx.)] Single / Semi-Double / Double
[Fabric] 100% Cotton
*The elastic band is only found in the Semi-Double and Double sizes.

Please select a color for each futon and shiki futon mattress cover from our cotton fabric collection. >>> SEE COLLECTION

Packages bound to certain locations will be vacuum-packed to reduce shipping costs or to comply with package size regulations. Click here to read more.


All of our made-to-order kangu products are made locally at our workshop in Kyoto, Japan.

Take a peak at our workshop here.

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