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Hanakomon (Birthday Flower Emblem)

Hanakomon (花個紋) is a unique flower emblem motif that represents the specific day in a year, used as a birthday symbol or to commemorate a memorable date with blessings.

There are 366 flower emblems, one for each day of the year (including 29th February).

With Hanakomon, now you can create a truly personalized Kangu for yourself and your loved ones.

* Position of the Hanakomon will be decided by Takaokaya.
** Hanakomon will be silkscreen printed using metallic colored inks on solid color fabric only. Please note that it will take approximately extra 7 working days to get the printing done, on top of the 14 - 21 working days to process the orders.
*** Please scroll down to see Hanakomon flower directory

  • ¥2,000

**Shipping cost will be automatically tabulated and shown at check-out.

366 birthday flower crest

hanakomon - 花個紋

Create a truly personalized Kangu for yourself and your loved ones.

hanakomon directory

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Zee S

Service was to perfection.

Thank you Zee for the compliments.
We are really happy that you are thoroughly satisfied with our service. We hope to be able to serve you again soon in the near future.

Happy Kutsurogi,
Team Takaokaya