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  • new patterns inspired by nature just in! kumotori cloud & take bamboo

    Kyoto Zabuton - Aizome-Fu Collection

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  • showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each piece

    Second Life Collection

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  • Fresh Drop-Ins! Elevate your home with the essence of indigo and Japanese craftsmanship!

    Ojami Cushion - Aizome-fu

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  • “Hikizome” or brush dyeing is a method of using a brush to dye textiles evenly or blurred without soaking in a dye solution.
  • This beautifully handcrafted rattan floor chair is the perfect companion to our Kyoto Zabuton Cushions. Its shape and size allow the Zabuton cushion to seamlessly fit into its design. This Floor Rattan Zaisu Chair is made to be used for floor sitting

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Founded in 1919, Takaokaya continues to keep its family legacy of handcrafting customized “Kangu” (relaxation products) using time-honored techniques passed from generations of craftsmen. Our mission is to share the joy of "Kutsurogi" (the Japanese Art of Relaxation) with our artisanal Kangu with as many people around the world as possible. We hope to put smiles on the faces of all who use our products for day-to-day living. Come experience true relaxation with us!

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Now you can own a piece of beautiful Kyoto in your home, no matter where you are located. We are working with different shipping providers like Japan Post EMS, DHL, FedEx and UPS, so you can receive the power of Kutsurogi from our lovely handcrafted Kangu. Due to size and delivery zones limitations in certain countries, please contact us for a shipping quotation.

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Create one-of-a-kind Kangu with us. Contact us with details of the product type, size and shape that you would like to make.