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Gorone Nap Futon

Do you know that napping cultures exist all over the world?

In Japan, there’s hirune; in Spain and other Mediterranean countries, there’s siesta; in Italy, there’s riposo; in other parts of Asia, they take an afternoon nap after lunch; and gaining popularity in many global MNCs, staff are encouraged to take the power nap.

Medical research has shown that napping offers various benefits for healthy adults and children. Taking a short nap can help reduced fatigue, increase alertness and improve our mood, memory and performance.

Takaokaya developed the Gorone Nap Futon under the request of the owner of a Ryokan. She often sees guests lying down on the floor to gorone (ごろ寝) - Japanese way of relaxing - by joining a few zabuton cushions together however, it did not look comfortable or relaxing. She wanted her guests to have a truly wholistic resting experience when lying down on the floor hence the Gorone Nap Futon was created.

Smaller and lighter than Shiki Futon Mattress, the Gorone Nap Futon can be carried around easily so you can enjoy a luxurious nap anywhere and anytime for a quick energy recharge. Simply roll out your nap futon, lie down, get comfortable and hit the snooze button! 

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  2. The name Gorone is a combination of two Japanese words: goron (ごろ) and ne (寝). Goron means to flop down and to make yourself comfortable, while ne means to sleep. Linen is good for summer and make you feel cool and refreshing.
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