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Noren Curtain | Hikizome

Noren are traditional Japanese split curtains or fabric separators hung in doorways, entrances, or windows, used to protect the house from wind, dust, rain as well as deter insects from coming in. Japanese establishments also often use noren with their name, logo or emblem printed on, as a shop front identity.

Made with quality Japanese linen, Takaokaya Hikizome Noren serve both aesthetic and practical purposes for the modern home. They can be used as shade curtains, partitions between rooms for privacy or simply add a decorative touch to create a Japanese atmosphere and style to any interiors.

  • ¥20,000

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About Hikizome Linen

Hikizome (literally pull dyeing, from pulling a brush) is a traditional Japanese dye technique in which a bolt offabric is stretched tautly, before water and dye are applied one after and another, by hand with a brush. This technique is also known as bokashizame, (lit. ‘blur dye’). Our Hikizome linen collection comes in 2 colours – Kamagawa Blue and Arashiyama Bamboo Green, both of which are inspired by Kyoto’s famous sightseeing spots.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and elegant

This is the second Noren we purchased from Takokaya after being so impressed with the first Noren we purchased (the green/autumn colours). The colours are beautiful and transition very gracefully into each other while still allowing light and providing privacy. The quality is very impressive - you can tell a lot of care has gone into making this product. The communication from Takaokaya has also been fantastic. We were ordering from Australia and they went to impressive lengths to ensure we received our purchases safely and promptly

Thank you Katherine for taking time to review our Noren. At Takaokaya, crafting products with care and pride is our top priority, and it's heartening to know that it shines through. We greatly value our customers, and it is such great encouragement to learn that our communication and efforts to ensure a safe and prompt delivery to Australia have been recognized.

Team Takaokaya