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vacuum packed shiki futon mattress

Due to the EMS shipping size restriction (specifically to the U.S) or when we use DHL shipping for large custom-sized futon such as queen, king size etc, the futon will be vacuum packed.

This is to make shipping more affordable and for the Shiki Futon Mattress to maintain its integrity

when it arrives in its new home.

Here's a side-by-side picture comparison of our futon before and after being vacuum-packed:


what to do once your vacuum packed shiki futon arrives at it's new home?


air out first, then relax and sleep on the shiki futon!

Immediately take the shiki futon out from the package. Give the shiki futon mattress time to "breathe" and resume to its original state. To maintain your shiki futon's usage longevity, we discourage the use of vacuum plastic bag for storage.