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Long Pillow | Hikizome Linen

  • ¥11,500
Pillow Filling

Customer Reviews

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premdip simon
the perfect cover for my futon and its matching pillow

it is beautiful hight quality pretty to look at ,so much that i go to look at it evry day twice .it makes me happy to see it .Nanako and your team were efficient and kind and it was a pleasure to correspond and a jpy to receive it so fast .
domo arigato gozaimasu

Hello Premdip-san,

We too were absolutely captivated by how gorgeous the cover for your futon turned out. It makes us really happy to be able to craft something that brings lots of joy and smiles to the user.

We hope you get plenty of compliments for your cover and pillow!

I look forward to serving you again soon!
Team Takaokaya

Curt Hasegawa
The Long Pillow is Amazing!

I have been using the Long Pillow for just over a month now and it is amazing! My sleep comfort and quality have improved greatly with this customized pillow! Workmanship quality is excellent and delivery from Kyoto to Hawaii was very fast and the packaging was perfect. I am so very impressed by the support, care and service provided by the team at Takaokaya. I am looking forward to making another purchase soon, which will be a futon!

Domo arigatou gozaimashita! Aloha from Hawaii!

    The shape of the Long Pillow was inspired by the traditional Japanese straw bag used in the past to transport rice grains called the kome dawara (米俵). Whether as a nap pillow or as a footrest, the long pillow can do it all. Adjust the height of the pillow according to your preference, allowing it to fit one's body shape perfectly. To lower its height, loosen the string, and to increase its height, tie the string tighter. 

    Product Details:

    Consisting: Inner pillow and cover
    Sizes (approx.): 14×50×H8cm
    Fabric: 100% Cotton (Inner Pillow) /100% Linen (Cover)
    Filling: Hard/Soft Polyethylene Pipe, Buckwheat


    About Hikizome:

    Hikizome (lit. ‘pull dye’) is a traditional Japanese dye technique in which fabric is stretched tight, water is painted on by hand with a brush creating a blurring effect. This technique is also known as bokashizame, (lit. ‘blur dye’). We have two colors for this Hikizome collection. Both names come from famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto.