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Shiki Futon FAQ

Seek and you will find... that is answers to Takaokaya's Shiki Futon Mattress. We've received numerous inquiries from all over the world regarding our Shiki Futon Mattress and compiled this FAQ based on questions everyone is seeking answers to.

You Ask, We Answer

We offer 3 different sizes of Shiki Futon:
1. Single – (W)100cm x (L) 210cm
2. Semi Double - (W)120cm x (L) 210cm
3. Double - (W)140cm x (L) 210cm

The width and length of the Shiki Futon stated above (and in the product pages) are measurements of the fabric casing (outer fabric) without cotton stuffing. The width and length of the finished product will decrease approximately 5cm respectively after stuffing.

The thickness (height) of our Shiki Futon mattress is approximately 12 – 13cm (4.7” – 5.1”), while our Shiki Futon Mattress Topper is about 6 – 7cm (2.3” – 2.7”)thick.

Please note that due to the airy and fluffy nature of 100% pure cotton filling, which is unlike foam, the thickness (height) will vary slightly between mattresses.

For a detailed explanation regarding the sizes, please refer to our sizing guide.

Should you have an exact requirement for the finished size, please contact us or leave a note when ordering.

Yes we do! Please contact us to let us know your requests.

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Takaokaya Shiki Futons are made using century-old traditional techniques to ensure the comfort of our customers. While we do not think it is necessary to use a tatami mat, we also understand that many overseas customers might not be used to sleeping on the floor and can therefore be more sensitive to feeling the hardness of the floor.

In this case, we would recommend that you add another layer of a thin polyurethane mattress or tatami mattress under the Shiki Futon for greater comfort.

If you are interested in urethane mattress or tatami, you can purchase it directly from us. Please contact for more details.

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As we used 100% pure cotton filling for our Shiki Futon, it cannot be washed. We recommend getting water repellant treatment for your Shiki Futon for easy cleaning, as well as getting removable covers which can be washed.

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For light stains, please gently dab a clean damp cloth on the stained area. After doing so, make sure you air dry them under the sun until completely dry.

For bigger stains, since Shiki Futon are not washable, please consult with your nearest professional laundry establishment to clean your Shiki Futon.

We recommend getting covers or / and water proofing treatment for your Shiki Futon for a peace of mind and ease of cleaning.

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To prevent humidity from accumulating in your Shiki Futon, it is recommended to air the futon out in the sun twice a week, about 2 hours on each side. The best recommended time for drying the futon is between 10 am to 3 pm on a sunny day. Sunning your Shiki Futon also helps fluff up futon.

To protect the color of the futon’s fabric, it is recommended to cover the futon with a sheet when airing under the sun.

Please keep your Shiki Futon when not in use, instead of letting it lay down on the floor permanently as doing so will trapped humidity in the Shiki Futon and can cause mold to grow.

To maintain the quality of a Shiki Futon, it is best to store it in a clean and dry environment. Folding it neatly and placing it in a breathable storage bag or container can help protect it from accumulating dust and moisture. Please do not put anything heavy on the futon as it will cause the futon to go flat.

Due to size restriction to specific countries, implemented by our shipping partners as well as to help you reduce the cost of shipping for custom-sized products, we vacuum pack our Shiki Futon when shipping abroad. We limit the suction on the pack so as that the shape of Shiki Futon will not be affected. Once you receive your package, open it immediately and put the Shiki Futon under the sun for a few hours. This will allow the cotton inside to regain its fluffiness.

The longevity of your Shiki Futon depends on the user’s environment and maintenance. Please note that since we use only natural materials, signs of wear and tear will appear after a certain period. With proper care, your Shiki Futon can last for several years. If you start feel uncomfortable when using your futon, it might be the time to change to new one.

Shiki futons can be considered beneficial for individuals with back pain as the level of firmness from lying on the floor provides a supportive surface. The benefits may vary with individuals, depending on their preferences and conditions.

As our products are not medically certified or tested, we DO NOT promote any healing benefit from using our products. Our futons are just tools to help you relax and sleep better. Please consult with healthcare professionals for more information if you are unsure.

Shiki Futon is generally suitable for all kinds of sleepers. However, it depends on individual preferences and how well they adapt to sleeping on the floor.