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Shiki Futon Sizing Guide

Please note the following sizing measurements when you are selecting the size of your futon or requesting a custom size futon.

The dimensions of the Shiki Futon Mattresses stated on our website are the measurements of the fabric casing before filling.

After filling the casing with cotton batting, the height of the shiki futon will increase. The width and length of the Shiki Futon Mattress will decrease approximately by about 7 cm and 10cm respectively. So when ordering a custom size Shiki Futon Mattress that fits the size of your bedframe or tatami mat, we recommend adding an additional 7 cm to its width and 10cm to its length. See picture below for example.

The above pictures show the comparison of the Shiki Futon Mattress before and after filling. The size of the Shiki Futon fabric casing (see BEFORE picture) measures 100cm ×210cm. Once filled with cotton batting (see AFTER picture), the final Shiki Futon Mattress size will be smaller than 100cm × 210cm due to the increase in height.