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How do you celebrate Respect-for-the-Aged Day (敬老の日)in your country?

How do you celebrate Respect-for-the-Aged Day (敬老の日)in your country?

September 16th(Mon), we have “Respect for the Aged Day”, “Keirou no hi (敬老の日)” in Japanese. This day is always on the third Monday of September every year and we celebrate and honor elderly people. 
In Japan, we visit our grandparents and give them some present with our feeling of gratitude and wish their good health on the day.

At Takaokaya, we introduce Our Kutsurogi products with “Kyo-murasaki”(“Kyo” means “Kyoto”) color as present of the day.

In 603, Prince Shotoku established a system called Kani Junikai (The Twelve Level Cap and Rank System) to distinguish superior officials by twelve colors of their caps in Japan. In twelve colors, Kyo-murasaki which is reddish purple indicated the first grade of cap rank and most noble color. At the same time, this reddish purple is said that “easy to fade the color” and “easy to lose the color”. Therefore, it is believed that people will recover from illness if they use Futon with this color. So we say this color is also auspicious color.

We have Kyo Murasaki purple in cotton fabric, No.13 Suou. We offer this color’s Kutsurogi products for gifts.
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How do you celebrate “Respect for the Aged Day” in your country?(respect for the aged day_event, ceremony, gift, present, Japanese, grand parents, kyo murasaki, reddish purple)

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