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(shofukutei_restaurant, noodle shop, kyoto, gojo, japanese food, udon, soba)

KyotoNow #002

Takaokaya's favorite lunch place "Shofukutei (招福亭)"  

Today, we went to have lunch at "Shofukutei" which is our favorite noodle shop near our office.
(shofukutei_noodle shop, soba, udon, noodle, kyoto, gojo, foodie)

(shofukutei_noodle shop, soba, udon, dashi, delicious, reasonable, lunch)

This restaurant is famous for green tea soba noodle and loved by local people for a long time. 
Every Saturday, we have lunch here with some co-workers and always a lot of people, not only local but also tourists at Shofukutei.

(menu_shofukutei, soba, udon, noodle, delicious, japanese food, foodlie, kyoto, gojo)(menu_shofukutei, soba, udon, noodle, delicious, japanese food, foodlie, kyoto, gojo)

They have plenty variety of soba, udon noodle, and also donburi, Japanese rice bowl dish. Of course, they have English menu, too!

(otafuku_shofukutei, soba, udon, noodle, food, foodlie, kyoto, gojo)

Tea cup of this restaurant has illust of "Otafuku". Otafuku is a famous Japanese mask which is use for a type of dance in a Noh play. In Kanji character, we write Otafuku "お多福". This literally means “Much Good Fortune” .
About Shofukutei, the kanji character is "招福亭", which means “Happiness bringing restaurant” 
Otafuku is like a shofukutei's symbol character which brings happiness and good fortune to people who come and eat their noodles.

(oyakodonburi_donburi, rice bowl, chicken, egg, vegetables)

We ordered Oyako Donburi (rice bowl with chicken, egg, and vegetables),

(kitsune udoni_udon, fried tofu, savory, cold soba)

cold Kitsune Udon (Udon with savory sweet fried tofu)+ Kayaku gohan(mixed rice),

(nishin soba_soba, cold, herring, delicious)
and cold Yamakake Soba topped with Nishin( Soba with grated yam and salty-sweet herring) + Kayaku gohan(mixed rice). 

Really delicious and the price is really reasonable. If you come to Kyoto, please enjoy noodles and donburi at Shofukutei and feel happiness!

"Shofukutei (招福亭)
891, Shitora-cho, Shinmachi-dori Rokujo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
*Only cash available

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