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"Devils out! Fortune in!" | Japan's Setsubun (節分) Festival

"Devils out! Fortune in!" | Japan's Setsubun (節分) Festival

The Setsubun (節分) Festival or also known as the Bean-Throwing Festival, is a celebration that is held in Japan every year. The word Setsubun (節分) can directly be translated to 'season division', which is used to mark the first day of spring in Japan's traditional calendar. Even through it is not seen as Japan's official New Year, there's a symbolism of new beginnings, in the form of the start of a new spring, associated with this festival. During Setsubun (節分) there are a lot of rituals held in order to remove the bad luck from the year before and to chase away the evil spirit for the upcoming year. 

The most well associated ritual is of course the mamemaki (豆撒き) or the bean throwing/scattering. This tradition is done with roasted soybean known as fukumame (福豆) or "fortune beans".  People would throw the beans from their front door or at a family member dressed with an oni (Japanese demon) mask, while screaming "Devils out! Fortune in!" (鬼は外! 福は内!, Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!).

Do you have any similar celebration in your country? 

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