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What is "original" of the zabuton ?

What is "original" of the zabuton ?

Do you know how the zabuton created or was born?
Zabuton are traditional Japanese cushions with nearly 1000 years of history. There are different stories for it, originally, zabuton was a kind of seat to indicated high status, and were only used by people such as the emperor and members of the imperial court, or most revered of Buddhist monks. The original seat is called “Shitone (褥)“. This is the original of the zabuton.

Unlike the normal cushion, the zabuton has been considered and regarded as a valuable thing. The history of the zabuton is really interesting and profound. Don’t you think so?

Now, zabuton are part of daily life and are central to Japanese omotenashi culture of hospitality. Our Kyoto Zabuton are made true to the traditions of our unique city, but have been also been adapted for greater stability and comfort. Use one of our zabuton cushions and you'll never want an ordinary cushion again!

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