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Meditation Photoshoot Behind The Scene

Meditation Photoshoot Behind The Scene

For our meditation cushions, Matuso-san and I decided to do a small photoshoot session with Takaokaya's president's daughters to promote the new product release.

We had an image in mind on what we would like the photos to look like, the problem was how can make that image into reality. We had some props that we are able to use, but we weren't sure if it would fit with the image of what we were looking for. After a lot of trial and error, and some changes in the setting, we were somehow able to pull off (in our opinion) a successful photoshoot. 

Here are some of the behind the scene pictures that was taken by Kanae-san. 

 We are really grateful to Kanae-san and Natsumi-san for setting aside some time for us in the mids of their busy schedule to help us promote the new release of our product.

The pictures that we took can be seen on our new buckwheat Utane, Coro-Long, and on the Meditation Series set product page. It will also be posted on our global Instagram (@takaokaya_en). 


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