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What is 'Kangu'?

What is 'Kangu'?

寛具 (かんぐ) or 'Kangu' in roman letters is a word created by Takaokaya specifically to describe the essence of our product.

The kanji character 寛 was taken from the word 寛ぎ(くつろぎ - kutsurogi)which means, 'to feel relax' or 'to feel at ease'. A feeling that we wish is felt by our customers when using our products. It is the core value of Takaokaya as a company, and the reason why we do what we do is to provide relaxation and a smile to everyone that encounters our product. The character 寛 itself has a meaning of 'relax' and 'generosity'. 

The kanji character 具  which is taken from the word 道具 (どうぐ - dougu) which is used to imply to a tool or instrument. The character 具 itself carries the meaning of 'tool' or 'utensil'.

Combined forming the word 寛具 (かんぐ) that generally means 'relaxation tool', which to us describes Takaokaya's product quite thoroughly. 

With this word, we would like our customers to know that we are here to help bring a smile to everyone's faces by helping them create a more relaxing and peaceful environment to surround themselves in. 

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