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Summer Kangu

This summer, kutsurogi in comfort and style with Takaokaya's collection of summer kangu. Embrace vibrant colors and lightweight fabrics to infuse your home with the joys of the summer season!

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  1. To sleep comfortably during this hot summer, we Japanese think to make our futon smaller (120 x 160 cm) than the regular size. Due to its size, we can put our arms and legs out from the futon to keep our body cooler, but not make our belly cooler by covering it with a futon.
  2. Noren Curtain | Hikizome - Takaokaya,  zabuton, futon, cushion, made in Kyoto
  3. Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Hikizome Linen - Takaokaya
  4. Gorone Nap Futon | Hikizome - Takaokaya
  5. Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Linen - Takaokaya
  6. Tawara Pillow | Linen Fabric - Takaokaya
  7. Long Pillow | Hikizome - Takaokaya
  8. Tawara Pillow | Hikizome - Takaokaya
  9. The name Gorone is a combination of two Japanese words: goron (ごろ) and ne (寝). Goron means to flop down and to make yourself comfortable, while ne means to sleep. Linen is good for summer and make you feel cool and refreshing.