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Utane Meditation Cushion

  • ¥12,400
Step 1: Choose the filling that fits your need
Step 2: Protect your inner cushion with water-repellant treatment
Step 3: Choose the design that fits your need

Customer Reviews

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Best cushion I have used!

A wonderful and attractive utane cushion. It is obvious that the people at Takaokaya made it with great care. It has beautiful fabric and the filling (buckwheat) is both supportive and comfortable. In fact it the most comfortable meditation cushion I’ve used. I have used a crescent, round, square - none compare for meditative sitting. Very much recommend. Also, the people at Takaokaya kept me informed as needed and in a gracious way.

Thank you Vera for the 5* review and pictures!
It is wonderful to know that this is your best meditation pillow yet, and that you recommend this to fellow meditation practitioners. :)

Please continue to enjoy your utane pillow. If you require more assistance in understanding more of our meditation Kangu, feel free to reach out.

Happy Meditation!
Team Takaokaya




Thank you for letting us know that you love the Utane pillow and how it has helped you with your insomnia and that you slept soundly for the first time in a long time.

Wishing you more restful nights ahead,
Team Takaokaya

The Utane Cushion is one of our uniquely shaped cushions.

For those who are specifically looking for a lot of support and stability from your meditation cushion, the Utane Cushion set might be perfect for you. It might be perfect for floor meditation beginners who are not used to long-time floor sitting. 

The Utane Cushion set can also be incorporated into other parts of life, such as for napping, or as back support when sitting on the sofa or chair. 

Buckwheat filling provides moldability and support, while cotton provides fluff and softness.  

Product Details:

Consisting: Inner pillow and cover
Sizes (approx.): 50×45cm 
Fabrics: 100% Cotton (Inner Pillow) / 100% Cotton (Cover)
Filling: Buckwheat, 100% Cotton