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Tawara Pillow

  • ¥6,000
Pillow Filling

Customer Reviews

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Love my Tawana pillow!

Waited three weeks for its arrival and it’s exactly as i wanted. Beautifully made and designed, its outer cover is soft and comfortable to sleep or cuddle. The ties at the end are useful and pretty. The pillows have a little give so not too firm. I’m already planning my next purchase!

Fantastic to know that you are loving your Tawara pillow for its comfort and beauty Iris672. And thank you for sharing about what the pillow's functionality.

We are looking forward to receiving your next order!

Happy Kutsurogi!


We ordered these Tawara pillows for neck and back support. They are really comfortable and firm without being too hard. They are really easy to sleep on and my husband in particular finds them really comfortable and supportive for his neck. They’re also, as all the other Takaokaya products I have purchased have been, really beautiful and made to a high quality. We would definitely recommend and we’ll probably buy two more

Thank you for reviewing our Tawara pillows, and for sharing your experience of using them with more people, so that they know the benefits of using this pillow.
We hope that our pillows will bring you and your husband much comfort and relaxation when you rest on them.

Happy Kutsurogi!
Team Takaokaya

Inspired by the traditional Japanese straw bag used in the past to transport rice grains called the kome dawara (米俵), this pillow is the perfect napping companion. who prefers a more natural stuffing for their pillow. With a clever design that allows you to adjust the height of the pillow just by adjusting the ties on each side. 

With three fillings options available. The hard polyethylene pipe is the original filling which has been a long-term favorite among Takaokaya customers.

The buckwheat filling was chosen to cater to our customers that are looking for a more natural and environmentally kind alternative filling.

Lastly, the recent addition to the lot is the soft polyethylene pipe which provides softness.

Product Details:

Consisting: Inner pillow and cover
Sizes (approx.): 14×25×H8cm
Fabrics: 100% Cotton (Inner Pillow) / 100% Cotton (Cover)
Filling: Hard/Soft Polyethylene Pipe, Buckwheat