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Summer Futon | Crespo

  • ¥18,000

about our summer futon

Kyoto - is one of the historical and popular cities for people from overseas in Japan. At the same time, especially Kyoto is also famous for the intense heat and humidity in the summertime due to in basin. To sleep comfortably during this hot summer, we Japanese think to make our futon smaller (120 x 160 cm) than the regular size. Due to its size, we can put our arms and legs out from the futon to keep our body cooler, but not make our belly cooler by covering it with a futon. Our summer futon is created from ancestors' wisdom. Please have a confortable sleep with our summer futon.

More About Product

[Sizes (approx.)] Summer Small: 120×160cm / Regular: 150×210cm
[Fabric] 100% Cotton
[Color] Gardenia (Green) / Carnation (Pink)
[Inner Filling] 50% Polyester and 50% Lyocell
*Washable: Please use laundry (washing) net when you wash.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for hot weather

Beautiful and well made, a fine example of Japanese craftmanship!

Thank you Ron for rating the crespo blanket 5⭐ and the compliments.
We hope the Crespo is keeping you cool and warm at the same time.
Happy Kutsurogi!
Team Takaokaya

Philipp 芙蓉歩
Best summer nights sleep!

Looking back at this exceptionally hot summer with high temperatures reaching far into september, this crespo futon was my best decision. Usually in summer, sleeping with a blanket is too hot for me, sleeping without one too cold. But with the crespo, it’s perfect. Not only is it incredibly soft and has a wonderful feeling to the skin, light like feathers; but it gives the right temperature even with high degrees at night without sweating or freezing. I really love the crespo. Additionally, the color (I choose green) really pleases the eye at day and is like a soft, shallow shadow at night. Aesthetically amazing.

We are so happy to know that our Crespo futon has helped you sleep well this summer Philipp! Thank you for such a detailed review to help others know what it feels like to use the Crespo during summer. :)

Autumn is here... please keep warm!

Happy Kutsurogi,
Team Takaokaya

best summer blanket ever

I purchased two small-size summer futons. even though pricy shipping cost from Japan, I am very happy and it is worth it to pay the cost. fabric is so comfortable and very cool, especially on humid and hot summer nights. Thank you !!

Thank you RR for letting us know how much you are loving our Crespo Summer Futons. It is great to know that you are kept cool and comfortable all night.

Stay cool and hydrated!
Team Takaokaya