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Ojami Stool

  • ¥100,000

    Created through the collaboration between Takaokaya and Tendo. The Ojami Stool was made especially to hug and flow with the shape of the Ojami Cushion. The Ojami Stool is made from Tendo's skillfully molded plywood, creating a sturdy yet smooth curve that accommodates the shape of the Ojami cushion.

    As an alternative, the Ojami Stool can also function as a bed or a sofa's side table.  

    Product Details:

    Sizes(Approx.): 49.4(W)×49.4(D)×33.4(H) (Seating Hight: 30.8 cm)
    Withstand load: 80kg
    Surface wood: Maple with urethane coating.

    *The Ojami cushion is sold separately.