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Ojami Cushion | Nishijin Silk - 2023 New Color -

The Ojami cushion is our original creation – inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called otedama – created for a more comfortable and relaxing sitting experience, on the floor or on the couch. It also provides great posture support.

Kyoto is famous for its luxurious Nishijin silk. The silk fabrics used in our Nishijin Silk Ojami Cushions collection, are specially curated and exclusively made for Takaokaya. From the selection of the colors of the silk threads to the weaving patterns, Takaokaya came up with 10 + 2 new unique Nishijin silk fabrics, that can be found nowhere else.

  • ¥21,400
Step 1: Choose the size that fits your need
Step 2: Protect your cushion with water-repellant treatment

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story of ojami

The Ojami Cushion is the brainchild of Takaokaya’s 3rd generation CEO, Koichiro Takaoka. Being particular about relaxing, he has always found it a little uncomfortable to fold the traditional zabuton cushion in half when sitting on the floor. So he wanted to revolutionize the experience of sitting down by creating a cushion that everyone can “sit comfortably by raising our bottom”, as part of his lifelong quest of pursuing the art of relaxation and creating kutsurogi products that put a smile on everyone who uses them. Inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called otedama (or ojami in the Kyoto dialect) and coupled with his many years of knowledge gained from creating kutsurogi products and making cushions, the Ojami cushion which offers unsurpassed comfort, finally came to fruition.

how to enjoy Kutsurogi

ojami cushion relaxation guide

why is the ojami so relaxing?