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Takaokaya's meditation set is the combination of using a Colo-Long pillow and Senbei Zabuton (floor cushion) for meditation practice. 
The Coro-Long pillow, as its name suggests is a long rectangular shaped pillow. Its 100% cotton fabric cover can easily be stripped off and washed making it easy to clean. The cover also has thick fabric handles on each side that allows it to be easily carried around and an invisible zipper that blends in with the seam of the product, giving it a clean and polished look. The buckwheat filling provides a firm yet malleable shape because the buckwheats are able to move and mold to one's body, making a comfortable yet supportive pillow for many different purposes.
It can be used when sitting on the floor, which helps one maintain a good posture or as a bolster type pillow substitute. This Coro-long is specifically created to be part of our Meditation set collection.  
Buckwheat Coro-Long Pillow and Senbei Zabuton Set are perfect and act not only as a plush pillow mat to protecting the leg from the hard flooring but it is also useful during the colder months to keep one warm for those who prefer floor meditation. Buckwheat Coro-Long Pillow and Senbei Zabuton Set are not limited to meditation purposes. They can definitely be integrated into other parts of one's daily life. How about trying to use Buckwheat Coro-Long Pillow and Senbei Zabuton Set for your meditation practice? 

Product Details:

Sizes: 10×48×10cm
Materials: 100% Cotton (Cover & Inner Pillow Liner)
Filling: Buckwheat
Filling weight: 0.8kg 

Sizes: Φ100cm
Materials: 100% Cotton (Cover & Inner Cushion Liner)
Filling: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
Filling weight: 1.1kg


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