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Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Nude and Cover Set

  • ¥10,000
Step 1: Choose the size that fits your need
Step 2: Protect your inner cushion with water-repellant treatment

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Zabuton set

We’re very happy with our Zabuton cushion and cover. We purchased the set and the cushion is very comfortable and made to an excellent quality. The cover is a beautiful colour that accurately matches the website description. We’re very grateful to Takaokaya for making our online purchase such a comfortable process.

Likewise, we are grateful for the all the kind words that you have for our Kangu and services. We aim to make everyone's experience with us exceptional and your review helps us to know we are moving in the right direction to achieve this target! :)

Good products and experience

I received my zabutons well packed. They are pretty and have the perfect size. It's very comfy to sit on the floor with and I can wash the covers while letting the zabutons sun bathing. Thank you!

Hello Hoai-san, we love how cute your description is on how you care for your zabutons - sun bathing!

We are glad to know that you had a good experience with us, and we hope you will have countless cosy moments relaxing on your zabutons.

Team Takaokaya

Bertus Hofstra
Excellent service and quality

Site is easy to navigate and I’m really content with my zabutons

Hi Bertus-san,
We are very happy to know that you are pleased and satisfied with our service and the quality of our products. Your 5* review has really made our day! :)

Team Takaokaya

The Zabuton (座布団) is a traditional Japanese cushion with nearly 1000 years of history. Originally, the zabuton indicated high status and was only used by a person of high rank. Today it can be found in most Japanese households. 

Our Kyoto Zabuton Cushion is made true to the traditions of our unique city but it also has been adapted to provide greater stability and comfort. The Kyoto Zabuton Cushion has also been gaining popularity for meditation use.  

The white textile used on the nude zabuton cushion is called kibata. The fabric color naturally occurred during the hot water washing process. No fabric dye or bleach was used. The small black dots that are present, are particles of the cotton flower. It is neither harmful nor will it hinder the performance of the product. 

Product Details:

Consisting: Inner cushion and cover
Sizes (approx.): S (50×55 cm), M (55×59 cm), L (59×63 cm), XL (64×68 cm)
Fabrics: 100% Cotton (Inner Pillow) / 100% Cotton (Cover)
Filling: 100% Cotton
Filling weight: 1.0kg / 1.2kg / 1.4kg / 1.6kg