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Coro-Long Meditation Pillow

The Coro-Long Pillow was created longer than most of Takaokaya’s range of meditation pillows to provide greater hip support and maintain a good posture while meditating on the floor. Its bean-bag-like feel means the pillow takes the form of your contours to provide stability and comfort when meditating. 


The pillow comes with handles on each side for ease of portability and for meditation on-the-go. For a more holistic meditation experience, check out our two-piece Meditation Set collection.  

  • ¥9,000
Step 1: Select filling according to your preferred firmness.

Step 2: Personalise by picking your preferred choice of cotton fabric.

journey to serenity with coro-long

Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, begin your journey to serinity and elevate your meditation with the Coro-Long Pillow. Stay focused longer and find relief and relaxation to melt away daily stress while meditating on the Coro-Long Meditation Pillow.

New & Improved!

More About Product

*Consisting: Inner pillow and cover

Sizes (Approx.): 10×48×10cm
Fabrics: 100% Cotton (Cover & Inner Pillow Liner)
Filling: Buckwheat or Polyethylene Pipe (Hard or Soft)

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Customer Reviews

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Lucas Teng
Pillows made to Perfection

I had 2 customised pillow made with Takaokaya and they were really made to perfection. The pillows provided me with comfort and support for a good night's sleep. The high quality plastic pipe fillings conformed well to the shape of the head and neck, providing customised support and reducing pressure points. The cotton covers are also highly breathable, keeping the pillow cool and comfortable throughout the night. The staff at Takaakaya were super friendly and nice … they spoke fluent English and really provided excellent service to their customers. Look for Nanako / Karen , they were great !

Dear Lucas-san,
Thank you so much for your kind review and pictures ! It really made our day to hear that you find the pillows comfortable. We look forward to another opportunity to deliver Kangu to you and your family :)

Team Takaokaya,