Boomerang Cushion | Customization

The Boomerang cushion can be considered as the older sibling of the Utane cushion. As the name suggests the appearance is reminiscent of a boomerang. This cushion is diversely versatile. Whether as a backrest or as a floor relaxation companion, the Boomerang cushion can do it all. It also comes with an inner pillow and a washable cover for easy cleaning. 

Product Details:

Sizes (Approx.): 75×55cm(R) / 85×60cm(L)
Materials: 100% Cotton (Cover & Inner Pillow Liner)
Filling(Inner Pillow): 100% Cotton
Filling weight: 1.0kg(R) / 1.2kg(L)

(This product consists of an inner pillow and cover)


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