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Product Maintenance

Takaokaya believe in creating products that will serve you for a long period of time. With this we have created a set of instructions that will be helpful in maintaining the integrity of our products. 

A general rule for maintaining our products are:

1. Please do was any cotton filled products at home in a washing machine. Each cotton stuffed products were filled by carefully layered cotton by our craftsman. Having them tumbled around inside a washing machine will ruin it's filling. 

There is also a possibility that the filling will not dry completely, due to the density of the product washed at home.

2. All polyethene pipe filled products may be washed, for washing instructions please refer to Takaokaya official website's Maintenance Page

3. All product covers are machine washable.

For customers who are based in Japan: 

Cleaning and repair service for some products are available for Takaokaya customers that are based in Japan. For more information please check out Takaokaya official website's Maintenance Page

Downloadable Product Maintenance Manual (PDF):

Kake Futon Comforter
Senbei Zabuton Cushion
Kyoto Zabuton Cushion
Ojami Cushion #092. Tachibana
blank#093. Sekichiku
blank#094. Chojicha
blank#095. Sorairo
blank#096. Sumi
blank#097. Sabie
blank#098. Tencha