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Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Nude

  • ¥7,500
Step 1: Choose the size that fits your need
Step 2: Protect your cushion with water-repellant treatment

The Zabuton (座布団) is a traditional Japanese cushion with nearly 1000 years of history. Originally, the zabuton indicated high status and was only used by a person of high rank. Today it can be found in most Japanese households. 

Our Kyoto Zabuton Cushion is made true to the traditions of our unique city but it also has been adapted to provide greater stability and comfort. The Kyoto Zabuton Cushion has also been gaining popularity for meditation use.  

The white textile used on the nude zabuton cushion is called kibata. The fabric color naturally occurred during the hot water washing process. No fabric dye or bleach was used. The small black dots that are present, are particles of the cotton flower. It is neither harmful nor will it hinder the performance of the product. 

Product Details:

Sizes (approx.): S (50×55 cm), M (55×59 cm), L (59×63 cm), XL (64×68 cm)
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Tassel: 100% Silk
Filling: 100% Cotton
Filling weight: 1.0kg / 1.2kg / 1.4kg / 1.6kg
*Zabuton cushion cover is sold separately.                         

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Marchant
Comfortable, great craftsmanship, excellent customer service.

I have been using a floor cushion in my living room for some time now. After a fair amount of research, I decided to elevate my experience by ordering a Kyoto zabuton from Takaokaya.

It was hard to decide with so many beautiful options to choose from, but I ultimately went with the nude zabuton. I sit on a cushion when I eat meals at my low coffee table, so I wanted something I wouldn’t feel too bad putting in a relatively forgiving, machine-washable cover.

A couple things to consider: First, these cushions are hand-made in Kyoto, so you may need to wait a bit for them to be ready. My order included an Ojami cushion with a customized pattern, and it took three weeks from the purchase date for everything to be ready to ship. It might take less time for the nude zabuton alone. Second, if you are ordering from the United States, shipping will likely not be cheap.

For me, however, both the wait and the shipping costs are well worth it. I had some tricky delivery instructions, and Takaokaya staff were very prompt and courteous in sorting those out. A staff member even contacted me to make sure I received my order on time, and that everything was present and correct (it was :)

As for the cushion itself, it is handsome, supportive, and comfortable, and it fits nicely inside of the cover I purchased. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is evident, especially in the stitching. I LOVED that it came with a thank you card signed and stamped by the craftspeople involved in its construction.

It is rare these days you purchase something that you can tell people took great care and pride in making and getting to you. This will not be my last purchase from Takaokaya.

(Photos include the Aizome-Fu / Asanoha cover that I purchased separately.)

We are honored to be able to provide you with an elevated floor sitting experience with our products, and glad that we met all your expectations, Jason.

Thank you for this 5* review and pictures!

Happy Kutsurogi!
Team Takaokaya

This pillow has changed my lifestyle

I heard that spending more time on the floor is good for health and mobility, but I could never make the habit stick until I tried this zabuton pillow. I’ve never experienced a supportive pillow like this before (I am In the US). The shape and density are so good—the way the pillow rises up in this mound shape towards the center but is much thinner at the corners, it just makes floor sitting comfortable. Now, I sit on the floor all the time, and my husband loves his pillow too. He is 6’5” tall and likes the L size. I am 5’8” tall and like the S size. We like the nude pillows with separate covers so we can wash them regularly and also swap colors.

I recently bought a few more of these S size pillows because I realized they also work really well as back support pillows. I’ve tried so many other types of pillows for back support that weren’t quite right, like feather, molded latex, shredded latex, wool, buckwheat, etc. These zabutons really are the best.

I also wanted to mention that I have many serious allergies and chemical sensitivities and cannot use the vast majority of products out there. Everything from Takaokaya has been perfect—no smells, irritations, reactions. Most people don’t need to notice or worry about these issues, but it means a lot to people who have special needs.

This review is a great endorsement for our products being suitable for customers looking for hypoallergenic products. Thank you LC for letting us know that our cotton products are suitable for your allergies.

We have fresh cotton batting arriving into our workshop weekly and I believe that our made-on-demand products means you every Kangu you order and receive are 'fresh', out from our workshop.

Happy Kutsurogi!


All of our made-to-order kangu products are made locally at our workshop in Kyoto, Japan.

Take a peak at our workshop here.

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