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Futons Collection

Sleep is a wonderful thing. It is a time when you can relax your body and your mind can dream. Sleep helps you to maintain optimal health and mental well-being.

Want to enjoy having the best night’s sleep ever?
Get acquainted with the Japanese art of relaxation -  kutsurogi (寛ぎ) with the use of futon (布団). Futons are traditional Japanese bedding that consists of a mattress or duvet, or a set of both, spread directly on the floor.

In ancient Japan, cushioned quilted futons were considered luxurious items, and only noble families and upper classes can enjoy sleeping on them. However, with time, everyone can enjoy the comfort and health benefits of sleeping with futons.

Explore our range of futons to help you indulge in a daily routine of kutsurogi.

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  1. Gorone Nap Futon | Hikizome - Takaokaya