Takaokaya Global New Official Website Launch

November 12, 2020

Takaokaya Global New Official Website Launch

Takaokaya is finally launching the new global version of our official website today, on November 12th, 2020! This website will be completely different from our current global online store will provide another side of Takaokaya.

From our craftsman, our workshop, company philosophy, our CEO, and more are available for your perusing. Check out our 'Projects' page to see more of the hospitality projects we collaborated in and the types of products we were able to create to fit each different theme. We have worked together with sake houses, hotels, restaurants, Japanese traditional theaters, and more. For our customers, product maintenance information is also available. So you don't have to guess on how to maintain your Takaokaya kangu products.

This new launch will contain almost everything that you would like to know from the company that is Takaokaya. Please click the links down below to check it out. We are so grateful for all the support we have received from everyone!

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