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New Solid Color Available! | Kachiiro

New Solid Color Available! | Kachiiro

We have exciting news! Takaokaya has decided to add an additional color to our solid color family. For those who have been looking for a deep indigo blue color to match your style, this one is for you. This color is called Kachiiro.

A brief explanation of history and reasoning behind the name of this color:
Inspired by the indigo color derived from the traditional Persicaria tinctoria plant, that is part of the knotweed family. It earns its fame from the deep blue dye that produces by the plants' leaves. The leaf of the plants is crushed and pounded down to extract the beautiful indigo dye. 

The kanji character in the name of this color is 褐色. The character 褐 itself has the meaning of the dark indigo. The pronunciation of the character 褐 is very similar to the pronunciation of the kanji characters 勝 which means victory. This prompts the ancient military commanders in Japan to adorn this color with their armor to ensure a victory during battle.


 This color will be available on the 14th October, 2020!

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