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Style and Artistry in Every Thread: Embrace the Allure of Our New Fabric Collections

Style and Artistry in Every Thread: Embrace the Allure of Our New Fabric Collections

After many months of poring through countless fabric swatches until our eyes blurred; voting amongst the team to pick the top favorite fabric designs and combinations; making product prototypes to test if the fabrics make beautiful and comfortable Kangu, and seemingly endless preparations, we are extremely proud and super excited to finally unveil the 5 new, exquisite fabric collections for our signature Ojami cushions. 

Come on a magical tapestry journey that will make your heart flutter and unleash your creativity filled with endless possibilities as you discover style and artistry in every thread of the new collections.

With styles ranging from timeless classic to bold contemporary to chic elegance to eclectic bohemian, every pattern, texture, and hue in the new collections, tell a unique story. There are limitless options for you to express your personality, evoke emotions, and enliven the aesthetics of any space.




An elegantly chic fabric collection inspired by the beauty and dynamic nature of the sky at different times of the day, TIME captures the essence and allure of the sky at Noon and Midnight.

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Sophisticated yet playful, AYATORI features intricate geometric motifs reminiscent of the many patterns one can create while playing this Japanese traditional childhood game using yarn string.

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Inspired by the graceful patterns of skate marks made on ice, PATINER (meaning to skate in French) is a velvety upholstery showcasing a unique woven pattern that captures the elegance and movement of figure skating on frozen surfaces.

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Thousand features an exquisite combination of shimmering Chidori-checks and luxurious, textured velvet. Chidori checks ("千鳥格子") is a traditional Japanese textile pattern that resembles the footprints of thousands of plover birds, which is the inspiration behind the name of this collection.

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A fun and delectable fabric collection, chocolat is made up of colorful geometric shapes and lines that delight the senses, like a box of artisanal chocolates that come in a rich variety of flavors, diverse shapes, and vibrant colors.

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If you like the fabric for a different Kangu, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know and let’s co-create something unique together.

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