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Takaokaya and Kids

Takaokaya and Kids

The Ojami Cushion and Cojami Pillow are some of the best-selling products in Takaokaya's collection. Our beloved customers have shared their experience on how they include the Ojami Cushion and Cojami Pillow into their lives. Aside from being a floor cushion, or backrest support, many have found that these two are great meditation companions. Each covering different preference of support and height. But did you know, in Japan, our Ojami Cushion and Cojami Pillow are especially popular among kids?

The classic Ojami Cushion (size S, left side), is the perfect size for a child's smaller frame. It is amazingly comfortable with a unique geometrical shape, these cushions are not only great for posture support. On the other hand, the Cojami Pillow (size M, right), is a combination of the traditional ojami shape with the well-known bean bag chairs. The loose yet sturdy inner filling provides solid support for sitting. Its height is just enough to let their little legs touch the floor.

Compared to a chair, the Ojami Cushion and Cojami Pillows are light enough for them to carry to their favorite place to sit on, allowing them to create their own space to eat, study, or play. Our wide range of color and pattern collections will sure pique their interest. 
As they grow, unlike a chair there is no age limitation, they will be able to continue enjoying their Ojami Cushion and Cojami Pillow for a very long time.

Tips: If you have an Ojami Cushion or a Cojami Pillow (or both), we encourage you to share the joy with your children. Who knows, they might love it just as much as you do!

At Takaokaya hope to provide relaxation for everyone of all ages alike. We hope to share new ways to incorporate more rest and relaxation into your lives.

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