Tawara Pillow | Customization

Inspired by the traditional Japanese straw bag used in the past to transport rice grains called the `kome dawara` (米俵), this pillow is the perfect napping companion. who prefers a more natural stuffing for their pillow. With a clever design that allows you to adjust the height of the pillow just by adjusting the ties on each side. 

This tawara pillow comes with a machine washable cover which allows for easy cleaning, which comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. In addition to that, this pillow also allows for filling customization. The polyethylene pipe as the original filling which has been a long term favorite among Takaokaya customers. The buckwheat filling was chosen to cater to our customers that are looking for a more natural and environmentally kind alternative filling. Lastly, the recent addition to the lot is the soft polyethylene pipe which provides softness for our customer who is looking for a softer option for the classic polyethylene pipe

Product Details:

Sizes: 14×25×H8cm
Materials: 100% Cotton
Filling: Buckwheat / Polyethylene (Pipe) / Polyethylene (Soft Pipe)
Filling Weight: 0.38 kg /  0.5 kg / 0.3 kg 


*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.

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