Senbei Zabuton Cushion Cover

A washable Senbei Zabuton Cushion cover is now available online!
We’ve named this range of play mat after a well-loved Japanese snack: the senbei rice cracker. Whether you use it for lounging in front of the TV, as a floor rug, or as a bed for your furry friend these round cushions are as versatile as they are beautiful. With our Japanese customers, our Senbei Zabuton Cushion has been very popular among newborn parents because it is the perfect width and height to place on the floor for babies to lie down and roll around in.

Product Details:

Sizes (Approx.): Φ70cm, Φ100cm
Cover: 100% Cotton
Design: Two-Tone (Left and Right) or Reversible (Front and Back)

*The Senbei Zabuton Cushion is sold separately.


Select 2 colors for A and B from

*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.

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