Kake Futon Comforter Set | Comforter and Cover Set

Kake futon (掛け布団) is known as a Japanese comforter. Our Kake Futon Comforters are made by our craftsman using the watoji stitching technique. Not only does it function to securely hold the cotton filling it also decorates the top surface of the comforter. It comes in a variety of colors, and pattern combinations to cater to everyone's preference

This Kake Futon Cover is designed with strings on each corner that can be tied to the loop at the corresponding position on the Kake Futon Comforter. With a zipper on one side to secure everything in place. The top part of the cover has a window-like mesh, that allows the design of the Kake Futon Comforter to peak through. 

The circle loops on each corner allow you to attach a Kake Futon Comforter cover for easy cleaning. 

Product Details:

Kake Futon Comforter:
Sizes (Approx.): Single (150×210 cm), Semi-double (170×210 cm), and Double (190×210 cm)
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Filling: 100% Cotton
Filling weight: 3.2 kg(S), 3.5 kg(SD), 4.0 kg(D)

Sizes: Single, Semi-double, and Double
Fabric: 100% Cotton (body), 100% Polyester (mesh)
Color: White


*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different. 
*The color of the futon's frame is an off-white color.

The white textile used on the Kake Futon is called kibata. The fabric color naturally occurred during the hot water washing process. No fabric dye or bleach was used. The small black dots that are present, are particles of the cotton flower. It is neither harmful nor will it hinder the performance of the product. 

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