Product Maintenance



  • Do not put our product in the washing machine, because it may ruin the configuration of the product.
  • However, our covers products may be washed in the washing machine. (e.g: Zabuton cushion cover).
  • A small stain of our product may be cleaned by lightly patting with a wet cloth. Harsh rubbing might not be good for the fabric. 
  • If you are force to launder our product due to heavy staining, please ask a professional cleaning service to aid this process. 



  • Due to possible humidity buildup in our futon products, do make sure they are aired out and dried under the sun to help keep the product integrity. 
  • When you drying our futon product under the sun:
    • It generally takes about 2 hours for one side of the futon to completely dry.
    • Both sides of the futon should be dried twice a week. The best recommended time for sun drying is from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
    • To prevent color damage and fading on the fabric, please use a sheet of cloth to cover the futon.
  • Please store the futon at a place with sufficient ventilation.


If you would like to apply the sun drying method to our other products please adjust the timing with the size of the product. For the other products such as the Zabuton cushion or Ojami cushion, 30 minutes to an hour might be sufficient. 

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