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Ojami Cushion | Casamance

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About casamance

The Casamance collections are nourished by many inspirations, each design, texture, and color are the basis for a journey. The colorists and stylists perfect the smallest details to create artistic emotions, unique and exceptional. Casamance prints its designs with a beauty that crosses fashion and the ages. The brand elevates contemporary interiors and adds warmth to the most authentic atmospheres. By moving away from repetitive, imitative trends, it accepts the challenge to reinvent.

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I and Ojami

relax with us


cheers to myself

The happiest time of the day. I like to relax and enjoy myself at my place by reading my favorite magazine. My favorite relaxing style is to stretch out my legs and sit on the couch and then leave my body to Ojami in the back. I can relax as much as I want, and it's necessary for me to have the time to reset for my busy daily life.If I use Ojami, I can charge my energy with feeling less tired and relaxed. And I can have a feeling "I'll do my best tomorrow!"

I and Ojami

My special seat

Finally! It's a day off! Today is the day for the long-awaited live stream by my favorite artist group! I already had made the ojami cushion symbolic of the color of my recommended member. When I got home, I decided to sit on Ojami and enjoy their live stream with drinking and eating. It feels good to sit on Ojami. It supports my posture and is easy even for a long-live concert. Anyway, I'll cheer you up in your special seat!

I and Ojami

spoil myself...then fell asleep

I finished work and went home. After eating dinner, suddenly I felt sleepy and dived onto the sofa. I'm just exposing and pampering myself to the limit. I hold Ojami and use it as a pillow (I like prone). The size of Ojami is M, by the way. I won't do anything anymore. This moment is very comfortable and a happy time to relax for me. It is irresistible. It is me who only Ojami knows.

story of ojami

Many people have a hard time sitting on the "floor" using standard cushions. The president of our company is one of them. He explained, "I really don't like sitting with the zabuton cushion folded in half, so I thoroughly pursued the one I could sit comfortably on, and I was particular about relaxing." The knowledge gained from making cushions, which he has involved in for many years, that "we can sit comfortably by raising our bottom" and the idea to use octagonal three-dimensional and unique form of beanbags that have never seen before are made into cushions. Ojami cushion was born by combining these two ideas. It is ideal not only sitting on the floor but also on a sofa. Please experience our ​​"relaxing comfortably" with Ojami.

Why can we relax so well?

perfect harmony with lifestyle

Special and Exquisite

Ojami cushion collection

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More About Product

[Sizes (approx.)] Φ35 cm (S), Φ40cm (M), Φ43cm (L)
[Fabric] 72% Rayon, 25% Polyester, 3% Linen (Casamance)
[Filling] 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester / Core: Polyurethane
[Tassel] 100% Silk