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Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Solid Color

Our Kyoto zabuton cushions are still handmade using traditional futon techniques to reflect Kyoto’s rich cultural way of life. They are very versatile and can be used as seat cushion on the floor or chair, for meditation when doing yoga or simply to liven things up in the living room.

Innovated for greater stability and comfort, once you try our zabuton cushions, you’ll never go back to using an ordinary cushion again!

  • $58.00

modern living with a piece of inherited Japanese hospitality

Why can we relax so well?

The Importance of Our Craftsmen

“Omotenashi”: The Spirit of Kyoto hospitality

Three Characteristics of Kyoto Zabuton

Create with takaokaya's craftsmen

Takaokaya believes that by having customers participate in the manufacturing process, such as selecting materials, we can make our Kutsurogi products with a special feeling that is entirely relaxing. We also believe that the experience of creating together with them will promote relaxation and lead our customers to attach to our products. Those are not able to be provided by ready-made products.

More About Product

[Sizes (approx.)] S (50×55 cm), M (55×59 cm), L (59×63 cm), XL (64×68 cm)
[Fabric] 100% Cotton
[Filling] 100% Cotton
[Tassel] 100% Silk
[Filling weight] S: 1.0kg / M:1.2kg / L:1.4kg / XL:1.6kg

This product's page is "kyoto zabuton cushion | solid color". The color can be selected from Solid colors from our cotton collection. Please check colors from our cotton fabric sample. >>>SEE SAMPLE