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Kyoto Zabuton Cushion | Seseragi | Global Online Limited

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The Zabuton (座布団) is a traditional Japanese cushion with nearly 1000 years of history. Originally, the zabuton indicated high status and was only used by a person of high rank. Today it can be found in most Japanese households. 

Our Kyoto Zabuton Cushion is made true to the traditions of our unique city but it also has been adapted to provide greater stability and comfort. The Kyoto Zabuton Cushion has also been gaining popularity for meditation use.  

Seseragi (せせらぎ) can be translated to a small stream. A peaceful scene where a small stream can be seen flowing across the zabuton cushion, where flowers and blades of grass are growing on its bank. In a Japanese garden, a small stream or river can be used to symbolize the flow of life. 

Product Details:

Sizes (approx.): S (50×55 cm), M (55×59 cm), L (59×63 cm)
Fabric: 65% Polyester, 17% Silk, 15% Acrylic, 3% Nylon 
Tassel: 100% Silk
Filling: 100% Cotton
Filling weight: 1.0kg / 1.2kg / 1.4kg


Customer Reviews

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Joan Shepherd
Love these cushions

We are so pleased with our Kyoto Zabuton and Ojami Cushions. They are beautifully made, comfortable and elegant.

It is wonderful to know that you are loving your Kyoto Zabutons and Ojami Cushions, Joan-san! We hope that these cushions will give you endless relaxation at home!

Happy Kutsurogi!
Team Takaokaya


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