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We ship to a lot of different countries around the world. For the full list please click here.

At the moment, our default shipping provider EMS (Express Mail Service) is implementing a shipping ban on some countries. To see shipping ban list, click here.

To see alternative shipping method via DHL, click here.

All Takaokaya products are made in a very specific way in order to provide the desired shape and quality that we are looking for. 

All our fillings are put in and carefully layered by hand. When shipping them, they have to be handled with care in order to preserve the shape and integrity of the product, 

As our president would say, we ship our product along with the Japanese air that`s inside them. We try our best to not squish or flatten our products whenever possible (with the exception of the shiki futon mattress).

Often times our shipping are more costly due to this reason. We have to send the product as is, without being able to compact. 

Lastly, all shipping rates are set by the shipping providers and all shipping fee calculations are done using the calculation system we receive from the shipping providers.

With EMS (Express Mail Service) the shipping duration usually depends on the location, however generally it takes about 2 weeks or 14 business days for the production and another 10-14 business days for the product to be shipped off. 

With DHL, strictly from experience, it normally takes less time.

We normally require a 2-3 business weeks for product completion. Once the making process is finished, you will receive a tracking number for your package.

To inquire about your order's progress feel free to contact us.

Please note that once the package is passed on to the shipping provider, Takaokaya have no authority or control over them any longer. So if you experience problems during transit please contact the shipping provider.

When ordering goods from Takaokaya for international deliveries you may be subject to import duties and/or taxes. Takaokaya is not responsible for any charges that are incurred from customs/duties whatsoever.

Any additional charges for customs clearance are considered outside of our control and at this moment Takaokaya cannot predict the value of what these charges may be.

For further information on custom and excise policies in your country, please contact your local customs office.

Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

Due to the fact that all of our products are all under the made-to-order system, we normally do not accept any form of cancellations, returns, and refunds. 

We may accept under special circumstances and with prior written communication which must occur under 24-48 hours after purchasing the product.

Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted except in the case of a wrong shipment. Once purchased, no product may be returned because of the purchaser's personal preferences.

We kindly ask that all valid returns must be in unused condition with attached tags and packaging. Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd. will not accept any returned merchandise without prior written communication.

In case of returns and exchanges due to the wrong shipment, a communication between customer and Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd. should be held to discuss a solution. If any matters of liability arise, the matter will be dealt with and settled between Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd. and the customer directly. The terms and conditions of the respective seller will apply and be the basis of the discussions.

Product Inquiry

For further and more specific information on this topic, please refer to our Products Maintenance page. 

If you have more questions in regards to this topic, please contact us.

For more information, please check out our Product FAQs page.


Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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