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Why We Are Special: Kyoto, the ancient capital with more than 1200 years of history, was the seat of the imperial household.
Artisans all over Japan honed their craft and skill in hopes of being able to move to Kyoto and serve the aristocracy and ultimately, the emperor.

Refined craftsmanship is deeply ingrained in both the DNA of Kyoto and Takaokaya. At Takaokaya, all of our products are lovingly made by hand. The only machine you’ll find in our workshop is a sewing machine. Most of the process from start to finish are done by real people who are passionate about creating the best products for our customers. 

Our craftsmen uses their years of experience and carefully honed skills, that has been passed down for generation to generation, to create our superbly comfortable and rich in tradition cushions.

We welcome visitors to our workshop to witness how our product is made for themselves!


If you would like to see our craftsman in motion: 


Making Process