Zabuton Series

Utane Cushion

The Utane Cushion is one of our uniquely shaped cushions, with its boomerang-like curve, and its rounded top allows it to have many uses. Whether it's used for floor sitting or as backrest support, Utane's usage is as diverse as your imagination.

Why we choose buckwheat filling? We specifically choose buckwheat filling which gives moldability to the cushion, taking the shape of the body, to provide greater comfort and support. The buckwheat filling is an environmentally friendly material that provides more breathability as well.

Product Details:

Sizes (Approx.): 50×45cm
Materials: 100% Cotton (Cover & Inner Pillow Liner)
Filling(Inner Pillow): Buckwheat, 100% Cotton 
Filling weight: 1.8kg(Buckwheat), 0.65kg(Cotton)

(consists of an inner pillow and cover)


*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.

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