Shiki Futon Mattress Set | Futon and Cover Set

Good quality sleep is important for good health, which is why our handcrafted Kyoto Shiki futon mattresses are made by our craftsman with the users’ well-being in mind. Hand-filled with 100% pure cotton, the Shiki futon mattress provides support and comfort for a good night’s rest all year round.  

This set comes with the Shiki Futon Mattress Cover that is made to be used together with our Shiki Futon Mattress. It is designed with pockets on the top and bottom of the sheet allows the Shiki Futon to be slipped in and out easily without much hassle, while the rubber elastic present in the bigger size covers is there to provide support despite the width. Each corner has a small opening to provide easy access for the Shiki Futon to be fitted perfectly with the cover. It's entirely machine washable allowing for an easy cleaning process.

Product Details:

Sizes (Approx.): Single (100×210 cm), Semi-Double (120×210 cm), and Double (140×210 cm)
Materials (fabric): 100% Cotton 
Filling: 100% Cotton
Filling Weight: 6.3 kg, 7.5 kg, 8.5 kg

The elastic band only found in the Semi-Double and Double size. 

This Shiki Futon Mattress is sold as a set along with a futon cover. 


*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.

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