Ojami Series

Ojami cushion | Arare series | Japanese pattern

    This Ojami cushion series is with all "Arare" Japanese patterns which means hail in Japanese. The image of this pattern is like hail dancing in the sky. Ojami cushion is an amazingly comfortable cushion handcrafted by our skilled Kyoto artisans. We have 5 colors for arare Japanese pattern. Which color and combination do you like?

    The Ojami cushion is an original cushion developed by Takaokaya over the last decade. The unique shape is inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called ‘otedama’, or ‘ojami’ in the Kyoto dialect. The Ojami cushion is a funky, modern take on the otedama, a traditional Japanese beanbag toy that was filled with azuki beans.
    Handcrafted by our skilled Kyoto artisans, Ojami cushion comes in a rich variety of colors, fabric coverings, fillings, sizes, and shapes to suit your taste and lifestyle.
    Amazingly comfortable and of a unique geometrical shape, functionally these cushions are designed for posture support and correction, and to be a beautiful decorative object suitable to any living or working space.

    Product Details:

    Sizes(Approx.): Φ40cm(M) / Φ43cm(L)
    Materials: 100% Cotton
    Filling: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester / Core: Polyurethane


    Please select a color of Ojami cushion from A to F of arare Japanese pattern. 
    *Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.

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