Ojami Series

Cojami Pillow | Casamance

The ‘Little Ojami’, unlike our regular Ojami, these little Meditation zafu pillows have a ‘beanbag’ feel that is reminiscent of the original beanbag toy that our Ojami range is based upon. The small and kawaii design creates the perfect height and firmness as a Meditation zafu pillow.

This Cojami was created in collaboration with Casamance, a well known French interior fabric maker. 

Product Details: 

Sizes (Approx.): 20×20×10 cm
Materials: 72% Rayon, 25% Polyester, and 3% Linen
Filling: Polyethylene Pipe
Filling weight: 0.5 kg



About Casamance: 

The Casamance collections are nourished by many inspirations, each design, texture, and color are the basis for a journey. The colorists and stylists perfect the smallest details to create artistic emotions, unique and exceptional. Casamance prints its designs with a beauty that crosses fashion and the ages.  The brand elevates contemporary interiors and adds warmth to the most authentic atmospheres. By moving away from repetitive, imitative trends, it accepts the challenge to reinvent.

*Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different. 

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