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Gorone Nap Futon | Linen fabric

    Our Gorone Nap Futon is inspired by two Japanese words: goron and neGoron means to flop down and to make yourself comfortable, while ne means to sleep. We can roll out this convenient nap futon smaller on the floor, sofa, or bed and take a luxurious afternoon nap!

    *Please note the pillow and futon are sold separately.

    Product Details:

    Sizes (Approx.): 65×165cm (Regular) / 75×180cm (Large)
    Materials: 100% Linen (Cover) / 100% Cotton (Inner Futon Liner)
    Filling: 100% Cotton
    Filling weight: 1.8kg(R) / 2.0kg(L)

    (This product consists of an inner futon and cover)


    The linen used by Takaokaya is called kibira. It is different from normal linen because it is produced using traditional techniques, where the threads are made by cutting the linen stock and soaking it for 1-2 days. This soaking process will not only remove the dirt on the surface of the stock but also splits the stock into fine threads and joint them back together. The presence of the black and white color streaks on the thread on the finished product is due to sun exposure. Parts of the stem which are exposed turns black, while the inner part of the stem produces white threads.

    *Please note that the color for the frame and back of the cover is #090. Torinoko. Please select a color for the center part of the cover.
    *Please note that the actual color of the product might be slightly different.


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